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Drum kits

Similar to our snare drums, all of our complete kit shells are crafted from 13mm exotic or domestic hardwood carefully hand selected for grain consistency and subjected to a steam bending process. Each piece is unique and made with the utmost attention to detail that makes Unix Drums renowned the world over.

Our shells are turned to create a perfect cylinder to produce the most resonance and projection. our drums are hand cut with bearing edges that are double checked on a 1/1000th of an inch granite table.

We make the traditional bearing edge at 45 degrees. This very common cut features a sharp 1/16" edge that peaks near the outside of the shell. Sharper bearing edges produce more attack and more sustain, resulting in a generally livelier, more "modern" The added attack and sustain is due to less drumhead film in contact with the shell.

Engineering of the drum

Ancre 2


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