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Rob started playing the drums at nine years old. A life long resident of Connecticut, USA, Rob was immediately hooked and looked for every opportunity to play the drums. Rob started out with pots and pans with wooden spoons and eventually transitioned over to his first professional drum kit. Once he knew this would be a lifelong passion, Rob sought out the help of an instructor. Since high school, Rob's played in various cover bands for the better part of the last 30 years. Some of Rob's biggest influences include Jeff Porcaro, Steve Jordan, Vinnie Colaiuta, and Dave Dicenso. Besides playing in numerous bands, Rob is also one of the most sought after studio drummers in the area. Rob's adaptability affords him the opportunity to play whenever called upon in any musical platform. Along with his passion for drumming, Rob's passion for gear and equipment is unmatched. This led him to Unix Drums. Rob relishes the opportunity he's been given to be an ambassador for Unix Drums. You can check out some of Rob's covers on his active YouTube channel which he regularly showcased Unix drums.

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