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Eric hit his first drum skin at the age of 4. In fact, his uncle, also a drummer, gave Rick his first junior kit as a birthday present. He showed him how to hold the sticks properly and play the basic beats. From that moment, the left-handed drummer began learning rudimentary drumming with a regional drumline band. He continued to roll on the drums, developing the necessary skills and came into possession of his first real full kit at the age of 14. 


From that point on, he quickly began learning a variety of metal tracks from the 80s and 90s. Among many, he was proud to learn a lot of classic albums in its entirety. At the same time, Eric also taught himself how to play both the electric and classical guitar, and has since continued to play. This has greatly contributed to his understanding of music and composing drums lines.

Then, into his life came Gene Hoglan, a technical drummer from Death, who from that time on gave him the impetus to play at the speeds and complexities of today’s drumming. Throughout this evolution, Eric played for his high school jazz band and harmony group. After playing several school shows, playing in cover bands and having been a member of Ice Castle with Fred Dupuis, Eric abandoned music to return to school. At the age of 21, he completed his high school education, his college studies, and finished with a Bachelor's to teach French. Feeling the need to play once more, he picked up his sticks, purchased a monster drum kit and formed [EVERTRAPPED] with Fred. Eric has since recorded 4 albums and has made 2 official music videos. Eric is now sponsored by Unix Drums and Amedia Cymbals.

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